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Canardgear.comHmmm, I wonder why they call it a Cozy?

Check out Canard Gear for retracts, gear door actuators, canopy latches, etc. Also, coming soon Tony will have fully molded fuselage, canopy frames, strakes, and c/s spar much like the Berkut used to be but better! Combine these parts with Eureka foam cores for all the major airframe parts for a complete "kit".



The Cozy Girls make all sorts of great metal parts for Cozys and EZs

Cozy Girrrl Custom Aircraft Hardware

Scott AFB Airshow 2006Me and the Girrrls!

I met the Cozy Girrrls at the Scott AFB airshow back in '06.


Freeflight Composites

Burrall Sanders is a great guy that offers all kinds of services for Cozy and EZ builders. He also provides "authorized" builder/flyer support for the Cozy.

Dale Martin can do about anything you want when it comes to EZ or Cozy building and flying. He gave me lots of advice and assistance back when I first started building in Idaho (and still does sometimes). Now he offers his services commercially. He even makes custom props!


Todd's Canopies

Todd built his own canopy making machine and now he makes them commercially. Hmmmm, sounds familiar. Bravo, Todd!


Canard Aviators Forum

Also a great forum for all canard builders and flyers


Unofficial Cozy Builders Web Site

Marc Zeitlin's Great Cozy builders website


EZ Squadron

All sorts of EZ related stuff here



Shirl Dickey's ERacer Site

Lon Arnold does airshows in his stock Long-EZ. He puts on quite a show. He also gave me my first ride in a canard.