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I usually use FedEx because they seem to be the cheapest method of shipping these parts and they have a drop-off location close to me. Due to the large size of most foam cores, shipping varies considerably depending on where it is going. I don't make a profit on shipping so I will charge you whatever FedEx charges me. If you decide you live close enough to come by and pick up the wings yourself, that's fine too. Just keep in mind that I will have to charge New Mexico sales tax if you make a local pick-up.

I get a lot of questions about box sizes so here they are:

Long-EZ, Cozy III or IV, Berkut, and E-Racer wings:

4 boxes     57" x 15" x 15" weighing approx. 16 lbs apiece
2 boxes     40" x 15" x 15" weighing approx. 13 lbs apiece
1 box         60" x 18" x 8" weighing approx. 14 lbs

The canard for all above aircraft is 1 additional box measuring 57" x 13" x 10" and weighing approx. 12 lbs

Note that I have specifically designed each of these boxes to not only do a great job containing and protecting the foam parts but also to be sized under the oversize limits for FedEx or UPS. This alone will amount to a substantial savings over buying blocks of foam in the sizes called for in the plans from other vendors where 10 out of the 14 blocks will be charged oversized fees.

International Shipping:

I usually use a sea freight company for overseas shipping. There is no automatic calculator for these options so contact me for an estimate.

For overseas shipping the cores should to be crated for protection and to make sure you don't lose a portion of them. Most countries require an ISPM 15 crate which is approximately $300 so expect this to be added to the shipping costs.

A crate for a Long-EZ, Cozy III, Berkut or E-Racer measures 60" x 40" x 39.25" and weighs about 200 lbs. A Cozy IV crate should be about 60" x 40" x 44" and weigh about 200 lbs.

A custom crate will have to be made for any custom orders unless they happen to fit in one of my existing boxes.

Another set of wings ready to go!