Perfection to the core!

Custom Projects









I have the ability to make all sorts of other things on my machine as long as they will fit on the table. If you have a different type of aircraft that needs foam cores or some other project, shoot me an email.

I now have a CNC router. I can cut flat pieces up to approximately 55"x110". It is really good at cutting things from flat stock such as foam sheet, mdf and plywood. I've already been cutting various jigs but I could also cut bulkheads. I can cut also cut deeper 3 dimensional shapes such as cowlings or other complex curved shapes. I'm still exploring the possibilities of things to do with the router.

Here are some other aircraft I would consider offering parts for if you can get me a copy of the templates and there is enough interest:

Defiant (I already have these templates)
Quickie Q1
Whatever airplane that uses hotwired foam core wings and will fit on my machine

Here are some examples of other things I have cut as custom projects:

KR-2S Wing

KR-2S Wing


Complex Delta


40% Scale Berkut foam cores


1/4 scale LEZ wing

1/4 scale Long-EZ Wings


Race car fairings optimized for
 structure and Reynolds number

Balsa sheeted model wing with jig

Hobie 16 Catamaran replacement rudder Simitar Slo Motion wing core



RC Models


1/4 scale prototype fuselage

Note the compound curves


Other stuff I could do:

Block lettering up to about 55" x 30".
Crown molding (Maximum of about 60" in length for any single piece)
Architectural columns - Tapered, straight, fluted, whatever cross section you want.
Anything you need in foam that can be built of sections defined by 2 cross sections.