Perfection to the core!

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My son and I with my first complete set of cores

I'm just your standard EZ builder. I started out building a Long-EZ/VariEze hybrid but ended up giving that project away and starting fresh on a Cozy Mk IV. I had a Cozy Mk IV that I bought in flying condition a few years ago and I really enjoyed flying it. I

Taking the EZ for a spin around the garage



Flying by the Grand Canyon


So what do I do when I'm not building something in the garage. Below are a few photos from the office:

The T-38C Talon

Eat your heart out Berkut!T-38C Instructor Pilot

The B-1B Lancer

Flying the BONEThe B-1 is a bit faster than a Cozy IV but there isn't much more room.

Just after refueling over North Central Texas


Unfortunately, sometimes my job in the USAF takes me away for long periods of time. I'm happy to serve but it does throw a wrench into my plans at times.

So, how did I get into CNC? What follows is an explanation but, in reality, it's a disorder Chrissi of the Cozy Girrrls calls project A.D.D. I think this term does a great job of describing me.

In our last home in MS, I was limited in the amount of space I had to work on a large project like an airplane so I put the EZ on hold until I could build a shop. I bought a steel building but I had to wait for the ground to dry out enough to pour a slab for it. In Mississippi in the winter this took much longer than I had anticipated. As anyone that knows me will tell you, I just can't stop building things. With the plane on hold, I directed my constructive energy to a variety of other projects. It started with messing around with small homebuilt pulsejets. In the process of experimenting with these I obtained or built a variety of metal working tools including a small lathe, milling machine, and a homemade TIG welder.

Homebuilt pulsejet at nightHF demo with homebuilt TIG welder

CNC is a hot topic amongst the garage machinist community and it really piqued my interest. I decided to build a CNC machine and I wanted one that would help me on my EZ project. I decided on a CNC hotwire because it seemed relatively straightforward without the need to buy large, expensive machining equipment and I was almost to the point that I needed wings anyway. I also really wanted CNC cut cores for my airplane but that was in competition with the fact that I wanted to cut them myself. Obviously, the only real way to satisfy both of these was to build a CNC hotwire and use it to cut the cores myself.

This turned out to be a rather large undertaking. While the basic idea of a CNC hotwire is relatively straightforward, the details are not. Throughout the next 2 years I designed, built, tested, and rebuilt several versions of CNC hotwires. For one reason or another, I either didn't like any of the commercially available motor controller electronics or they were too expensive. A lot of this work included developing my own. The cool thing was that I learned a lot about electronic design and circuit board construction in the process. I also fried more than one PC in the process;)

Etching the circuit boardsHomebuilt circuit boardSame board afer components are installed

Well, the ground never did dry out enough to build that shop but we've moved to TX now and I have a huge garage and an office. I was determined to finish my hotwire project and now I have. Although my original intent was only to use my machine to cut my own wings and perhaps a couple of others for some friends, a quick poll of the community showed a rather large interest in purchasing CNC cores. Also, I had invested so much time, money, and effort into building and perfecting the machine, it would have been a huge waste to only cut 2 or 3 wings. Thus I decided to start Eureka CNC.

Why Eureka? That's the word I exclaimed when I was first able to get the machine to precisely reproduce a full scale cross section of a real wing core.

Try this with a template! First Real Wing
Eureka! First successfull full scale cross section.

I don't think a description of me would be complete without acknowledging the one who really makes everything possible, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has blessed me with the abilities to do all the things I do as well as the resources to do them. He has also blessed me with a wonderful family that puts up with my "condition" and supports me in all that I do. My cup runneth over. Praise the Lord!